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Treatment Focus: Prodigy Peel System

In the world of skincare, the fall season is known as peel season.  If you are not already looking forward to shedding away summer damage and resetting your skin, you should.  There is also the additional bonus of having glowing, smooth skin prepped and ready for the holiday parties.  For the iS Clinical Family, now is the time to begin our most advanced, result-driven treatment: Prodigy Peel Treatment.  I know what you are thinking: “Why specifically Prodigy Peel Systems and how does it compare to other chemical peels?”  Let me introduce you.

The Power of the Prodigy Peel System

The Prodigy Peel System is unlike any other peel on the market.  It is known as a designer peel, formulated with safety and barrier preservation in mind, featuring multifunctional ingredients with the ability to give longevity to healthy tissue in addition to increasing exfoliation.   A designer peel like this one, is very different from peels of the past.  The non-designer peels were simply formulated with an acid of choice, applied with inadequate discretion, and results were often inconsistent.  In the 2000’s, we saw ingredient and formulation technology evolve tremendously, allowing us to take skin treatment to the next level in a much safe and efficient manner.

The Benefits of the Prodigy Peel System

  • Shedding of permanently damaged skin cells.
  • Healing and strengthening of cells with damaged but repairable DNA ladders.
  • Preservation and protection of cells that are healthy and undamaged with normal DNA function.
  • Pharmaceutical grade ingredients, a controlled application method, and a sensation check-in scale.
  • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Decreasing pigmentation irregularities.
  • Glowing, smooth skin.

The Prodigy Peel System can be used on all skin types, including darker Fitzpatrick types.  However, The Prodigy Peel Pro System (iS Clinical’s most advanced chemical peel) is best suited for Fitzpatrick types I,II and III.

Before & After Prodigy Peel System

Key Reminders

Even though PPS delivers astonishing results, not everyone is initially a candidate.  The Prodigy Peel System should not be used if the barrier is sensitized.  Prodigy Peel System will become an option when the barrier has adjusted, and homeostasis is achieved.  The skin should be free of sensation, well hydrated, and moisturized.  In the meantime, book for an iS Clinical facial like Foaming Enzyme Facial, Honey Enzyme Facial or Exfoliating Clear Skin Facial.  This will accelerate the skin’s adjustment period for Prodigy Peel later on.

It’s considered best practice to receive a peel series.  Whether you may have one primary skin concern or multiple skin concerns, such as hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, oiliness, or acne, a Prodigy Peel System series will be effective.  The best course of action is to undergo the peels 4-8 weeks apart. 

Due to its advanced formulation, patients who are pregnant or nursing should be excluded from receiving this treatment.

iS Clinical Ingredients are of Superior Quality

iS Clinical utilises pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in all of our products, so naturally, this applies to the Prodigy Peel Systems as well.  Throughout the PPS, you will see ingredients such as resorcinol, lactic, salicylic, and citric acids being used, with an optional boost including retinol, capryloyl salicylic acid, and hexylresorcinol.  You may question these ingredients when comparing Prodigy Peel to other chemical peels, but there is simply no comparison.  iS Clinical always have and always will source the highest quality and purity of botanically based ingredients to formulate products.

Ultimately, think of Prodigy Peel System like hitting a reset button: a new beginning for your skin.

Source: Deidre Ramdhanie, Aesthetic Trainer for iS Clinical

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