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Those with sensitive skin are often wary of new products, fearful that they will irritate their delicate skin. iS Clinical products are formulated with botanically-based ingredients, which are naturally soothing and nourishing. Potent antioxidants, gentle cleansers, and multi-tasking hydrators combine in easy-to-use regimens which reduce the effects of environmental aggressors and oxidative stress on reactive skin. These products are also free of parabens, sulfates, and artificial fragrances.

This gland produces sebum (the skin's natural moisturiser). Acne begins to develop when keratin (found in hair, nails & the outermost layer of the skin) over accumulates and blocks the hair follicle (hyperkeratinisation) obstructing the flow of sebum.

iS CLINICAL products for Acne are formulated with pharmaceutical grade botanical ingredients that work synergistically and safely to clear the complexion.

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