General Questions

A tingling or cooling sensation signals penetration of a product and dissipates quickly after initial application. A slight, temporary flush may occur that transforms to a rosy glow. Reactions with iS CLINICAL® products are extremely rare but might be present if the slight “active sensation” fails to dissipate over time and the flushing persists or increases. If a reaction is suspected, the “Reaction Form Questionnaire” is a process for reporting these to our company.

We recommend only considering regenerative or protective iS CLINICAL® products for children (i.e. EXTREME PROTECT® SPF 30, ECLIPSE SPF 50+, ECLIPSE SPF 50+ PERFECTINT® BEIGE, HYDRA-COOL SERUM®, REPARATIVE MOISTURE EMULSION, etc.). For all children less than 6 months of age, physician recommendations should be followed. Some product regimes are not appropriate for children.

The expiration date insures that the active ingredients in a product retain their optimal efficacy. We do not recommend using products past their expiration date.

Gluten sensitivities only apply to ingestion; iS CLINICAL® does not manufacture any formulas that are designed for ingestion.

Yes, iS CLINICAL® products are not formulated with parabens. Product

Product color may vary depending on the botanical ingredients. As iS CLINICAL® selects active botanical ingredients based upon purity and high-performance, rather than color; there will often be variations in color depending on growing locations individual harvest seasons (as our botanical ingredients are sourced from all over the world).

Our SPF products (i.e. EXTREME PROTECT® SPF 30, ECLIPSE SPF 50+, and ECLIPSE SPF 50+ PERFECTINT® BEIGE) may be used for ages 6 months and older. Children have delicate skin and sun avoidance should be practiced. As babies assimilate the environment orally, and we not recommend the ingestion of any IS CLINICAL® products; all children under the age of 6 months should have a recommendation by their physician.

Cancer Patients actively in treatment and afterwards have been using iS CANCER CARE regime-specific products successfully for more than a decade. We recommend following our iS CANCER CARE regime protocols in accordance with any recommendations from their health care provider.

iS CLINICAL products contain ingredients obtained only from non-animal sources except for honey in WARMING HONEY CLEANSER. This product contains honey made by bees pollinating natural California blossoms and is cruelty-free. These hives are maintained by compassionate and knowledgeable beekeepers who only harvest the honey overow not consumed by the bees. This allows the hives to remain healthy and thrive.

Unfortunately we do not sell to consumers/end-users directly.  We have trusted iS Partners across the country who will be more than willing to assist with your needs. Contact

A sudden change is just fine, based on skin condition needs or seasonal changes. However, if you have a history of sensitivity, patch testing of our products is recommended. We do recommend a seasonal skincare consultation and treatment plan with a skincare professional in order to best meet the changing needs of the skin and perhaps lifestyle of the clients.

Ingredients Questions

There can be tremendous differences between products containing the same ingredient decks. Even though the same ingredient names may appear on packaging of other brands, there is most often a tremendous difference in the quality, purity, and efficacy of those same ingredients. For example, one of our favorite botanical ingredients: Centella Asiatica comes in many forms and strengths. A “cosmetic-grade” (basic grade containing impurities) Centella Asiatica extract is often priced in the $50/kg region; while the “pharmaceutical-grade” (purest, most powerful grade) that we use in our iS CLINICAL® products costs in the region of $5,000/kg. The pharmaceutical-grade Centella may be 1,000 times more powerful than a cosmetic-grade. Please remember that ingredients are only the starting point of a formulation and should only be viewed as a “building block”; as often an ingredient’s independent characteristics and properties are completely changed when combined with other ingredients in a formula. For example, Hydrogen and Oxygen are gases in their natural state, however if you combine 2 Hydrogen molecules with an Oxygen molecule, the result is water; which is a completely different substance. Imagine how different a formulation is from its combination of many, many ingredients that are bonded together.

Some iS CLINICAL® products contain hydrolyzed wheat or soy protein. Gluten-sensitive individuals only are sensitive to the intact gluten molecule and rarely to hydrolyzed units. Skin reactions from iS CLINICAL® products in gluten-sensitive individuals or even those wishing to avoid gluten have never been recorded and are not expected. Physician consultation and a patch test would always be recommended for those who have concerns regarding topical skin sensitivity.

Alcohols are often misunderstood and are “thrown” into the same category as rubbing alcohol. In fact, many alcohols are actually used as moisturizing agents. Some products contain SD Alcohol 40 (denatured alcohol) which is not absorbed, as it evaporates almost instantaneously upon contact with the skin. Different types of alcohols are often used in a formula to create the most pleasant user experience. Alcohols, which are antibacterial agents, are found in many foods, drinks, perfumes, and makeup products. Some iS CLINICAL® products contain alcohols; some for moisturizing, some for creating an elegant product experience and all for their antibacterial properties.

A chemical substance may well be defined as “any material with a definite chemical composition”. Water is actually a “chemical substance” made of a ration of Hydrogen and Oxygen. Technically, every substance in the world is a “chemical” and is described with a chemical name — including natural substances from plants.

We do make products containing Retinol but none of our products contain ONLY Retinol. They are all carefully designed to contain multiple active ingredients than work more efficiently, and effectively than Retinol on its own. In addition, pure Retinol is dark yellowish in color, greasy, and exhibits an odor similar to bug spray; which is not cosmetically desirable for a consumer.

Extremozymes® are a proprietary grouping of “extremophilic” enzymes found in plants that thrive in the most extreme environments on earth; such as the deserts, deep ocean trenches, and polar ice regions. We have harnessed and utilized these botanical Extremozymes™ (i.e. plant “adaptogens”, which help the body adapt to stress) in several of our iS CLINICAL® products to help protect the DNA within our skin cells from environmental stress.

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The INNOVATIVE FACIAL (FIRE & ICE) TREATMENT can be given as often as every 10 days, or more commonly 2-3 weeks apart in a series of 4-7 treatments. Monthly maintenance provides the best results.

The (FIRE & ICE) TREATMENT can be given as often as every 10 days, or more commonly 2-3 weeks apart in a series of 4-7 treatments. Monthly maintenance provides the best results.

The (FIRE & ICE) TREATMENT can be given as often as every 10 days, or more commonly 2-3 weeks apart in a series of 4-7 treatments. Monthly maintenance provides the best results.

The professional-only (FIRE & ICE) TREATMENT is a resurfacing, revitalizing treatment that provides immediate visible results revealing a radiant, smoother, and more hydrated complexion without down time. Immediate visible results also include reduced pore size, and a more even skin tone. Ongoing benefits continue to be experienced without negative side effects. The practitioner benefits from satisfied patients, repeat treatments, and increased revenue for the practice.

Yes. The pre-pubertal and pubertal age acne groups can safely use iS CLINICAL® products, if professional recommendations are followed. If an acne-like rash occurs in a child outside of these age groups, another process may be occurring, and physician consultation should be sought immediately. In all minors, we recommend the skincare professional obtain parental consent before recommending products and/or aesthetic procedures for minors (under the age of 18 years).

The iS CLINICAL® HARMONY FACIAL is the recommended professional treatment for rosacea and other sensitive, compromised skin types.

(FIRE & ICE) TREATMENT is a great solution for those types of concerns. A series of facials would provide continued improvements. A great homecare regime of iS CLINICAL® products is also recommended.