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Love Your Skin, Love Retinol Boosted

By Trainer and Product Specialist, Sera-Rose Harper

Love is in the air, and we’re here to talk about a different kind of love – the kind you have for your skin. Nothing says self-love like the latest innovation from iS Clinical: Retinol Boosted.

This product is a game-changer, combining a blend of ingredients to deliver unparalleled results while keeping your skin feeling as smooth as silk. But what sets it apart is its ability to protect your skin from the typical side effects of retinol products, giving you results like never before.

Why Retinol Boosted?

Retinol, a form of vitamin A, is essential for healthy skin, but our bodies can’t produce it on their own. That’s where skincare products like Retinol Boosted come in.

Let’s delve into what makes Retinol Boosted special:

Encapsulated Retinol

The key advancement lies in how the retinol is encapsulated. This unique capsule, composed of two lipids, mimics what our bodies naturally have. This means less irritation and redness typically associated with retinol use, while still delivering all the benefits.

Retinol Boosters

Think of these as sidekicks to the main hero, retinol. Bakuchiol, a powerful antioxidant, and a blend of rice bran extract, rosemary extract, and vitamin E work together to enhance retinol’s effects without the added irritation.

Advanced Formulation

We’ve also included cutting-edge ingredients like a new form of vitamin C, colloidal gold for collagen synthesis, and Ectoin to protect your skin.

Did you know that ectoin is an extremozyme from marine environments and protects DNA like “bubble wrap”. Ectoin prevents our skin from feeling that typical “retinol purged” and tight sensation. 

A few other ingredients in Retinol Boosted include poria cocus extract for collagen synthesis, hyaluronic acid for hydration and tripeptide 1 ( copper tripeptide) for its healing properties. 

But most importantly, all of these ingredients are specifically measured and combined to work synergistically to achieve effective cell turnover, provide nutrition WITHOUT leaving the skin feeling tight and dry.  Honestly, there is nothing like it.

Clinical Results

Our studies have shown a 22% decrease in wrinkles after just three months of using Retinol + Emulsion 0.3, along with improvements in skin density and elasticity.

How to Use

Incorporate Retinol + Emulsion 0.3 or 1.0 into your routine every third night. Apply it to cleansed skin and follow up with our Sheald Recovery Balm for added moisture and protection if needed.

Safe for Everyone

While safe for use during pregnancy, it’s always best to consult with your physician beforehand.

Join the Love for iS Clinical: Trust me, your skin will thank you.

iS Love, Sera-Rose

P.S. If you are an experienced retinol user, try our Retinol + Emulsion 1.0 (consultation with a skincare physician always advised).

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