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Eye Care and Different Concerns

“Eye-cream? Me? No.  I would rather spend it on a good pair of jeans.”

– Twenty-year-old –


“What is the best eye cream to use for dark circles under the eyes and what treatment can I go for to treat the wrinkles around my eyes?”

– Fifty-year-old –


Maybe not in those exact words, but does the demographic and statement not sound familiar?

Skincare (and self-care in general) is a strange concept: Start investing before you need it and the skin around the eyes is no different.


One important thing to note when we mention ‘investing’, it does not always refer to money.  Diet, quality of sleep and other health habits contribute to the condition of your under-eye skin. This is the investment that you are going to have to make on your own.


Although we can’t look over your shoulder to make sure you sleep enough, we most certainly can recommend a few of our clinically proven products to help treat your skin concerns and include the delicate eye area.


C-Eye Serum Advance+

C Eye Serum Advance+ is a cutting-edge formulation that effectively combines 40% Hyaluronic Acid (provides hydration), 7.5% scientifically advanced L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and copper tripeptide growth factor (enhanced age-defying properties).  Not to mention 2% Zinc Sulphate which provides photoprotection and brightening properties to all outdoor lovers.

C-Eye Serum Advance+ is an affordable eye-care product for patients that are looking to incorporate an eye product to their current skincare regime and only one drop is needed per day. This is fantastic to target dark circles and being a serum, it can also be added into your current regime, under your current eye cream.


Youth Eye Complex

(Remove although)Youth Eye Complex contains 15% Hyaluronic Acid, this product also consists of Hyaluronic Acid Microspheres which act like tiny sponges, absorbing TEWL and expanding to fill in wrinkles thus resulting in a plumping effect. I like to compare it like changing a raisin to a grape- plumping up from the inside, evening the skin tones, and filling the fine lines and wrinkles.

This best-seller eye cream is one of our most popular products and has been clinically proven to give you immediate (within 4 hours), intermediate (10 days) and long-term results. In the end, you cannot argue with results.


Eye Complex

Eye Complex is the only eye product that features Mixed Fruit Acid Extract, which means the natural fruit and sugar acids exfoliate the skin and increase cellular turnover.  Eye Complex rapidly reduces the appearance of under-eye puffiness and is highly recommended to patients with pigmentation concerns under the eyes.

iS TIP: Use C-Eye Serum in the AM and Eye Complex in the PM, if you struggle with dark circles under the eyes.


Youth Serum – The All-in-One

Youth Serum is a treatment serum that can be used all over the face including the eye area. Youth serum has passed the ocular irritancy test, which means that this serum can be used right under the eye and directly on the eyelid.  Finally, a product that can target that loose skin on the eyelid gives the eye that droopy look.

With its Extremozyme technology, Youth Serum can tie it all together: providing support against environmental aggressors and maintaining the overall health of the skin.

iS TIP: Youth serum is excellent to use post-eye surgery for maintenance, tightening and encouraging good skin health.