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Our Summer Top 10

During the holiday season traveling with your full skin regime might not be an option.  We have always strived to be a brand with a difference- we believe in Multi-tasking products that will give you effective results with minimal effort. One product that either treats multiple conditions or has multiple functions.  

We paid a visit to one of our most loved Product Specialists, Elle Curnow, who gave us her Top 10 must have products for each skin type this summer.

Fair Skinned

If you are fair skinned, freckled or blessed with red hair: You will easily burn in the sun. On holiday a definite must will be our EXTREME PROTECT SPF 30- This product is not just an SPF 30. It is an anti-ageing moisturiser with an SPF.  It was specifically made for clients that need extra protection against pigmentation/freckle formation. It is great for all skin and can even be applied if you have already burnt in the sun as it will smooth, hydrate and protect even the most sensitive skin.

Acne Prone

If you are acne prone or suffer with breakouts there are a list of products from iS CLINICAL that can assist you. One of the first steps to a great skin is cleansing. I often speak to clients who take pride in their home care products and are very proud to tell you the list of products they use at home, but when you ask what they use to wash their face it is very seldom that you find a product that people LOVE. Until you use CLEANSING COMPLEX.  CLEANSING COMPLEX is the most amazing cleanser you will ever use. It is a light gel base cleanser that any skin type can use. It contains Vitamin A,C, & E as well as exfoliators that will brighten your skin.

Another product that is one of our most loved and famous products is our ACTIVE SERUM which boasts a list of celebrities that swear by this product. It is a miracle in a bottle- it is a night time serum that treats active acne, breakouts, blackheads, enlarged pores, post acne scaring, pigmentation and even ageing. In one application your skin will look brighter.  ACTIVE SERUM can also be used as a spot treatment.

Dry Skin

Do you need a lightweight moisturiser that will control your oil secretion while on holiday?  Then HYDRA-COOL SERUM is the product for you! This serum based moisturiser gives hydration without leaving the skin feeling oily.  It is perfect for someone who is acne prone or clients on roacutane. It gives the perfect mattifying complexion. It is also a great product to use while traveling as it will help reduce dehydration while changing climates.

Oily Skin

Our oily skin clients are normally quite resistant to wear sunscreen as they find that most sunscreens are quite oily and makes them look shinny- until they try our ECLIPSE SPF 50+.  This broad spectrum UVA and UVB water resistant sunscreen, is lightweight and 100% safe to use on the whole family! 


One of the unforeseen conditions that normally plague us when we go on holiday is sunburn. We always advice our clients to reapply their sunscreen while in the sun, but sometimes we misjudge the strength of the sun’s rays.  If you or your loved ones get sunburnt during your holiday, the first product you should reach for is HYDRA INTENSIVE COOLING MASQUE.  The second that you apply this product to your skin it cools down and soothes the skin.  You are welcome to apply a small amount before you go to bed and leave it on until the morning.  The next day your skin will look refreshed and healthy.  

Dull Skin

The number one thing that all clients always say to me that they wish they could change in their skin especially over the festive season is- they want GLOW!  We have two products that if used together will give you the ultimate glow combination: PRO-HEAL SERUM ADVANCE+.  This serum is our most loved day time serum as it is liquid gold!  A potent Vit C serum that hydrates, brightens, reduces inflammation and revitalise all skin. This magic little potion can be used in conjunction with other product brands to instantly give that glow from within to make your skin look healthy. 

The second product that is a must for glow is our REPARATIVE MOISTURE EMULSION which is our glow-in-a-bottle moisturiser.  This is a must have moisturiser that instantly gives the illusion that you have flawless healthy glowing skin. Not only does this moisturiser hydrate, protect and sooth your skin but it is also anti-ageing.  When foundation is applied over REPARATIVE MOISTURE EMULSION it makes your foundation application smooth and makes your foundation seem glossy.  Perfect for the skin kissed glow of the Festive Season. To finish off the glow, spritz on some COPPER FIRMING MIST which is a beautiful hydrating spray that hydrates, firms and is anti-ageing.  It also contains potent anti-inflammatory ingredients and regulates sebum production so even our oily clients will love this product as it will help calm breakouts and help for ‘maskacne’. 


Another one of our best sellers and absolute must when on holiday is our BRIGHTENING COMPLEX.  This is an absolute must if you have pigmentation concerns. It is an advanced treatment moisturiser that treats all stages of pigmentation formation, stopping pigmentation in its tracks. What makes this treatment moisturiser extra special is that it is fast acting, safe to use in pregnancy and reflects the light as to hide your pigmentation while treating it making it possible for you to have an amazing holiday and not having to come back with extra freckles or discolouration. 

What would a holiday be without beautiful smooth luxurious skin? We just launched our latest innovation product- YOUTH BODY SERUM

This anti-ageing body mist will leave your skin hydrated, nourished, soft and beach ready.

iS TIP: Combine YOUTH BODY SERUM and COPPER FIRMING MIST for the perfect gift this December.

Note: A skin consultation is recommended before purchasing iS CLINICAL products.

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